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NextGen Trading Software

powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine
analysing Darkpool & Options market data


Supply/Demand Scanner (VSA)

Automatic Scanner shows incoming the market Supply and Demand patterns, supported by AI Calculations. The script contains my improved definitions of VSA Signals, worked out and discovered through 3 years of tryouts. The usage is as follows: -> signs appearing below the candle mean identified Demand – bullish signal -> signs appearing above the candle mean identified Supply – bearish signal

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Gamma Levels indicator

Gamma Levels are displaying key levels in Intraday Trading. The concept is similar to Pivots; however, the logic and calculation of those levels are much more complex. How to use it in trading? Those levels are very often used by Smart Money (what can be observed, for example, through Orderflow). Major rules to play it are listed below: the higher Gamma (+/- 0.25, 0.5, 1.0), the more strong it is (in case of possible reversal). Extreme Low and Extreme High levels are in 8 out of 10 cases setting maximum range of the moves on instrument during Intraday session Passing last Gammas (either +1 or -1) means we have an anomaly in the form of Trend Day (typically 2-3 times max each time). A good entry strategy would be here to enter the trade after the price closes above/below the last Gamma.

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Order Blocks Scanner

Easily spot on Institutional activity on markets driven by Banks and Hedge Funds. Follow them with your trades and increase accuracy of your positions.

Real-time Market Data

Data coming from Options and Darkpool markets, served on-demand via Discord bot. It contains key levels to observe, expected trading range, Gamma Flip point and statistics about Supply & Demand orders present on the market.

Image by Nick Karvounis
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