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Seeking Hidden Treasure: Navigating Virgin Points of Control

Introduction: Anchoring in Unfamiliar Waters

Raise the Jolly Roger, folks! We’re setting sail into unexplored waters today. The stock market can be as unpredictable as the seven seas, and every now and then, you need a little treasure map to help navigate through the tempest. Virgin Points of Control, or VPOCs, are like the hidden coves full of buried treasure. Often overlooked by the untrained eye, these gems can be a goldmine if you know how to wield their power. So, batten down the hatches as we dive deep into the enigmatic world of Virgin Points of Control.

Casting the Net: What are Virgin Points of Control?

In the trading world, VPOC is the lingo for the price levels where heavy trading volume once took place, but hasn't been retested by price action since. In layman’s terms, imagine a bustling pirate market where a boatload of trading went down. Then, one day, the market moves elsewhere, leaving behind a ghost town. That, my friends, is your Virgin Point of Control.

The Ghostly Beacon: Spotting VPOCs

A VPOC can be a beacon in the stormy market. To find these mystical points, you’ve got to have your sea charts (read: price and volume charts) handy. Keep an eye out for volume peaks where the price hasn’t returned in a while. There’s your ghost town!

Charting the Course: How to Trade with VPOCs

Setting Sail: Identify the VPOC

First things first, whip out your spyglass and spot those VPOCs. Look for significant volume peaks and valleys that haven’t been revisited.

Heave Ho: Monitor Price Action

Don’t go in guns blazing just yet! Wait for the price to creep back towards the VPOC. When it's within reach, watch how it behaves.

Full Steam Ahead or Abandon Ship: Make the Call

If the price bounces back from the VPOC, there might be a treasure chest waiting. However, if it breaches the VPOC, it’s best to cut your losses and abandon ship.

Pirate’s Bounty: The Benefits of Trading VPOCs

Why should you care about these ghost towns? Here’s why:

  • High Reward Potential: Hidden treasures, anyone? The untested waters of VPOCs can offer rich pickings.

  • Valuable Insights: Understanding VPOCs can give you insight into what other traders are thinking, which is like having a pirate’s parrot eavesdrop on your rivals.

Beware the Kraken: The Risks

Just like the high seas, Virgin Points of Control have their fair share of risks:

  • False Signals: Sometimes, it’s just a siren’s call leading you to shipwreck. The price might tease you by nearing the VPOC and then leaving you high and dry.

  • Requires Patience: These ghost towns don’t crop up every day. It’s a waiting game, and sometimes the wait can be as long as the voyage of the Flying Dutchman.


1. Can I use Virgin Points of Control for any market? You bet! The stock market, forex, and commodities are all fair game.

2. Is it necessary to use other indicators along with VPOCs? It's like having a crew on your pirate ship - the more, the merrier! Combining VPOCs with other indicators like moving averages can be a winning strategy.

3. How to identify a VPOC on a chart? Look for peaks in volume where price hasn’t returned for a significant amount of time.

Charting New Waters: Concluding the Voyage

Virgin Points of Control are like the secret treasure maps of trading. Navigating these waters requires a keen eye, patience, and a dash of daring. With the right mix, VPOCs can be the buried treasure that catapults your trading voyage into legend. Just remember, the sea is a fickle mistress, and a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Weigh anchor and set sail, but keep your wits about you! May the trade winds be ever in your favor. Happy treasure hunting!

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