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  • I can't see a bot on Discord server!
    The bot on Discord server is available and ready to use in #bot-ai channel. If you don't see channel, it means your account has not assigned Premium role. Roles are assigned within few hours from purchase Premium plan. In case of issues or questions, please reach us out via Website Chat or on
  • How to use a bot?
    Firstly go to #bot-ai channel. You can use following commands: /help - displays instructions and description of available options $<symbol> (e.g. $nq) - sends request to receive data for selected symbol. Wait 1-2 minutes for data - it will be posted when calculated by Bot. Data is coming from Options and Darkpool markets and already recalculated to Futures contracts.
  • How can I manage my subscription?
    You can access and manage your Billing and Subscription by going to Customer Portal. In next step, enter email address you've used during checkout. You will receive a 6-digit code to your inbox. Enter the code and you will receive access to Stripe Customer Portal, where you can update your billing, manage subscription and access invoice history.
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